What are Kids Safari Mania?

Stuffy Animals combine the universal appeal of giant stuffed animals with the latest mobile technology, providing fun, safe and convenient transportation.

Can I rent Kids Safari Mania for my private party?

Yes, Kids Safari Mania are available to rent for parties and events, either for a party at the mall or through our rental division. Go to our party / event rentals page to learn more.

How long can I ride Kids Safari Mania?

Animals are rented in increments from 8 minutes to 60 minutes; however, you are welcome to ride as long as you wish or extending your ride if you just can’t bear to stop when your time is up!

How fast do Animal Rides go?

In the mall, every animal is pre-programmed to operate at “mall speed” so that they move easily and safely with the flow of traffic. They move at a comfortable pace consistent with the average human walking speed.

What are the rules of the road?

What are the “Rules of the Road” when riding Animal Rides?

Kids Safari Mania is committed to safety and fun for all! Before riding Kids Safari Mania, please remember these important rules:

I agree to Ride Responsibly.
I agree to Share the Road.
I agree to Respect the Restricted Riding Area(s).
I agree to have fun.