For every winner, there must be a loser. Sadly, we had plenty of those last year.

We may be a few days into the new year, but that doesn't mean that the stench of 2021's stink bombs has already dissipated. If you read our two-part "Best Of" series (here and here), then you know that we've been planning to devote space to the misfires and monstrosities that made our last twelve months so turbulent. So here they are...the absolute WORST OF LAS VEGAS 2021.

Loser of the Year - TERRY FATOR

Loser of the Year - TERRY FATOR

One glance at the above photo and you might ask yourself "Which of those is Terry Fator and which is his drug-addicted puppet Dougie?". Yes, it's true that the two look strikingly similar. And who could blame Fator if he did indeed tumble down the marijuana well with his forever-high creation? After all, the former America's Got Talent winner plummeted from being the city's highest-paid star to regurgitating offensive jokes in a forgotten second-floor banquet room. But if you know the whole story (here in all its sleazy, frightening glory), then you're aware that a downward spiral of this magnitude couldn't have happened to a more deserving bag of shit.

So how do you close out a year as the city's biggest creep? Well, you announce the return of "A Very Terry Christmas". This heartwarming seasonal production brought together such endearing characters as a flaming homosexual, an alcoholic redneck, a big-lipped Uncle Tom, and an aging sex fiend. Fator also threw in a joke about the murder of Nicole Simpson Brown and Ron Goldman for the kids. 

Congratulations on your "Biggest Loser" award, Terry Fator! You're a monster.  


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